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Who was Saint Apollonia ?


Saint Apollonia was born in the third century and lived in Alexandria, Egypt. She was a deaconess of the church there.

In 249, during the festivities commemorative of the first millenary of the Roman Empire, the agitation of the heathen

populace rose to a great height, and when one of their poets prophesied a calamity, they committed bloody
outrages on the Christians whom the authorities

made no effort to protect. Bishof Dionysius of

Alexandria relates the sufferings of his people

in a letter addressed to Fabius, Bishop of Antioch.

At that time Apollonia was held in high esteem.

These men seized her also and by repeated blows

broke all her teeth. They then erected outside the

citygates a pile of fagots and threatened to burn her

alive if she refused to repeat a blasphemy aginst

Christ. Given, at her own request, a little freedom,

she sprang quickly into the fire and was burned to


Although she quitted life in this wise, nevertheless

she received high honour as martyr in the Catholic


Apollonia is the patroness of dentistry and

protectress against toothache.

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who was
Saint Apollonia ?

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